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Embezzlement. Bid Rigging. Collusion.

Ready for a little audit fiction? Tanzie's back ... but really sorry for stealing all that money.

Redemption of the Cube Dweller


Tanzie successfully brought down her previous company for their dirty dealings, but she feels compelled to fly back to her hometown of San Francisco to confess the sins she committed in the process.

However, instead of the liberation Tanzie hoped to gain from her time in the dim light of the confessional, she finds herself drawn into intertwining investigations where her professional skills, once again, threaten to place her in danger, and a budding romance competes for this appealing detective’s attention in another clever adventure in the series.

Revenge of the Cube Dweller - Joanne Fox Phillips

About the Author

Joanne Fox Phillips is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the director of internal audit for a midstream oil and gas company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a CPA, certified internal auditor, and certified fraud examiner. This is her first attempt at writing something longer and hopefully more entertaining than an audit report. She thanks her friends, family, coworkers, and editorial team for suffering through early drafts and providing encouragement and advice throughout the process.

Joanne Fox Phillips

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What People Are Saying.

  • Joanne Fox Phillips has written another delightful story with just the right mix of humor and suspense. While internal auditors face ethical dilemmas in the real world on a routine basis, Phillips’s protagonist crosses lots of ethical boundaries to punish the bad guys, but still comes across as endearing and likeable.

    Charlie Wright, Former Head of Internal Audit, American Airlines
  • Going to confession will never be the same! You won't be able to put this book down. Tanzie Lewis converts her guilt into comedy and restitution on the trail of bad actors. Higher powers beware—the corporate auditor is a clever and cunning detective.

    Norm Szydlowski, CEO (Retired), SemGroup Corporation
  • Excellent read. Can't wait for Book Three!

    Urton Anderson, Director, Von Allmen School of Accountancy, University of Kentucky

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